What Should Garage Door Spring Repair Cost?

Most people use their garage doors as the main entrance to their homes. Regardless of the type of garage door that you have installed, it has a definite lifespan for most of its parts. The garage door part that is most likely to fail first is the spring as it carries most of the weight during the opening and closing of the door. After many years of continuous use, the spring will require replacement as they will fail. In case of a spring failure, you may need to hire a professional garage door spring replacement service in Schaumburg, Illinois. But how much does it cost? Keep on reading to find your answer.

Garage Door Spring Cost

Repair is way much cheaper than replacing the entire door. When your spring fails, which is often the case, then you don’t have to worry much about it as it can be repaired by experts. You don’t have to budget for a new garage door not unless you want to upgrade. The cost of repairing a broken spring can range from $100 to $350 with most homeowners only paying $180 to have it fixed. During the repair, the professional will also lubricate the spring and sometimes install safety cables to ease the tension on the spring. This makes your spring to serve you for much longer. However, you can lubricate your garage door springs for as low as $5. It normally takes professionals about one hour to refit the spring.

Replacement Cost of Garage Door Spring

Springs can be completely damaged that it cannot be repaired. In such cases, you will have to buy a new spring and get an expert to fix it to you on your garage door. The total cost ranges from $200 to $300. Some professionals will come with the springs or you can get them yourself. The prices vary depending on the type of spring that you want to buy. For example, torsion spring prices range from $40 to $100 and $5-30 for extension spring. This is not all. Replacement cost also varies depending on the type of garage door that you have installed. For tilt-up garage doors, it will be about $150-200 while for roll-up garage doors, you may spend somewhere between $200-250.

Problems with Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are the part of your door which are likely to fail. These springs are made of steel that experiences constant wear and tear every time the door is opened or closed. Over time, the steel weakens and eventually beaks. Many garage door springs are rated 10,000 cycles. This means that it will handle this number of garage door openings and closing before it fails, and this normally takes 5-7 years.

Before the actual failure, your garage doors will exhibit signs that will alert you that you need to repair or replace the spring. These signs include:

  • The door closes on its own or closes too fast
  • Problems while opening a garage door
  • Door produces an unusually loud sound when opening and closing
  • Cut, frayed, or invisible safety cables

Depending on the signs that your garage door will show, you need to consult an expert to evaluate the problem and give you a quote. Normally, broken spring replacement cost somewhere between $100-350. Other damages may be excessive noise, which causes about $6 to solve. The cost of rectifying an imbalanced spring is about $45-65.

To improve the lifespan of your garage door spring, you should avoid rusting on it at all costs. Greasing and oiling can help in this situation. This also reduces wear and tear, and so, your springs can serve you for long.

Do-It-Yourself vs Hire a Professional Contractor

While DIY may seem like the first choice for many homeowners, you may not manage by just following the online tutorials alone. You may end up taking the whole day and still fail to fix the problem. You also risk yourself as you can incur injuries and cause further damages.

Some stores in the United States do not sell garage door parts to non-professionals. This makes the DIY approach even more difficult. On our side, we would strongly urge you to always call a professional with experience in handling your garage door spring problems. It may seem costly but the benefits are enormous. These include proper fixing, safety, time-saving, and insurance cover.

Do not stay in the rain or cold night because your garage door springs failed and the door cannot be opened. There are professionals whom you call at any time to save the situation. These professionals have tools needed for the operation and also have great experience to repair or replace garage door springs.